The Colosseum Revealed

The Colosseum of Rome, the largest Amphitheatre ever build, site of huntings, capital executions and the acclaimed gladiator's fights, unveiled in a 42 minutes documentary.

Documentary Idea

What Is This About?

The Idea

In producing this item our aim was escorting you in a city tour to show the Colosseum under a different limelight and reveal its unknown sides. 


In order to produce this work we focused on ancient texts as well as on past researches and above all on the last archeological and historical discoveries. 


3D Graphics and Motion Graphics wisely used in conjunction with recent archaeological discoveries have permitted the rebuild of the Colosseum with accuracy giving the spectator the more faithful reconstruction.

Text Adaption

Thanks the valuable cooperation of my colleagues, all experienced professional guides of Rome, the work has been adapted and translated in 10 languages which makes this work versatile and complete.


This audio work permitted the project to become international, going beyond the limits of the subtitles which distracts viewers from enjoying the accuracy of the 3D graphic reconstructions.The work of the speakers has been fundamental.


• 3D Reconstructions with Motion graphics
• 42 minutes video with extras and Gladiator Fights
• Building Techniques Explained
• Italian English Spanish French Portuguese
• Russian German Japanese Korean Chinese
• PAL | EU Russia China India Australia South Africa
• NTSC | USA Japan Brazil Korea Mexico


Some of the contents

The Drainage

” Firstly it required the entire drainage of Nero’s villa artificial lake. In order to carry it out, a huge trench containment was dug around the lake which then was drained opening a channel through which waters were discharged into the city sewerage system: the Cloaca Maxima

The Travertine Blocks

”For the supporting structure they picked up travertino, a limestone formed by sedimentation, namely stratification due to water evaporation which allowed the accumulation of a salt, calcium carbonate

The Arena

”We know that it was made of wooden boards laying next to one another so they could cover all the underground area. This planking had river sand scattered over. This sand was called arena by the Romans and likely had the function to soak the blood shed during the shows„

The Armaments

”The Secutor is a type of gladiator who looks like a sort of human stronghold. The Thracian fights armed with a curved sword,the sica, the Murmillo carries a gladius, a helmet topped by sea pictures, the Retiarius uses the trident and has a fishnet whose diametre is about three metres„

The Fights

”Finally in the afternoon, the eagerly waited gladitorial games are held: in the games the much loved stars of the Romans challenge in fights. Amongst the duels the fans like most: the Secutor versus the Retiarius or the ones between the Thracian and the Murmillo

The Velarium

”The Castra Misenatium housed a sailors secondment from the imperial fleet based at Misenum near Naples. They were on duty to spread out a huge canvas awning called Velarium made of different parts shaped as triangular sails and knitted one next to another„


Watch Some Free Samples.

Back Stage

Who partecipated

The Gladiators

The Gladiators

Mario Rossetti & Mirko Milioni

Idols of the arena

The Senators

The Senators

Gavino Aquilini & Piero Chessa

Iugula ! Iugula ! Iugula !

The Emperor

The Emperor

Tonino Milioni ”Special Guest„

Fabrizio Marchizza & Antonio Pisanelli

The Versions

The Versions

The Translators

Traslated in 10 languages

The Dubbers

The Dubbers

The Speakers

Dubbed in 10 languages

Editing & Direction

Editing & Direction

The Team

Antonio Scona & Sandro Retali

The Author

Know Me More.


Antonio Scona

Guide of Rome, Musician, Videographer and Photographer active in the Turism business since 30 years.

 “ I give my clients tours of the Colosseum almost every day and every day We discover it under a new light. “


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